Udagedemasinete : "already grown up still being suckled!"

It started out when we - Malih (me) and Jonih - are doing project for a client in Jakarta. Tired of being abused by our senior co-worker, we started to discuss the way we get the hell out of living as an employee and started to create our own business. The one thing that came up in our mind at that time was how can we sell our skill ?. Well . . . unfortunately one skill that we do good at and commonly have is Stupidity. Back then in our beloved country Indonesia, Stupidity is a precious commodity (well it is still a precious commodity now :P).

So we started googling around to decide the name of our so called future business will be. Since we are tired of being an "ingenious" employee (which we are not ingenious at all, not even close to a donkey in terms of dealing with "ingenious" people :P), we decided to give the name "Udah Gede Ini" which means "Hey we are grown up people so mind your own business Ice Whole!" and the website would be udagedeini.com. But the search results and that time giving one the first 5 results was about a mom complaining that her son is still asking to be suckled even though he had reached age of puberty and started growing moustache and his nose hair was all over the place (I'm exaggerating here I know :P), so then being a spiritually people we are, realizing that the result of the search engine is driven by the divine power above, we decided to use the phrase "Udah gede masi netek" which literally translated as "already grown up still being suckled" :P, we ommit unnecessary characters to make it looks like it's a Japanese word.

Nope . . . !!! sorry to disappoint you, but . . . it is not the mother of Ms. V, nor it's the wife of Mr. P, :D. It's another interest that I found later in my life after meeting this guy: Jan Willem Tulp. In short, this section will be about my journey learning, implementing and hopefully building my own company in the field of data visualization. If things are going well and my dream of building a visualization company comes true then I will name the company Mrs. V (MiSSiS V : Man Interrested So Seriously In Sophisticated Visualization) :D

Hopefully . . . :P